Corporate İnfo

UYGURLAR MAKINA, placed in Kırşehir Organized Industry Zone, 6000 m2 covered area, produces food and packaging machines, They produce the machines needed in in the sector under quality system control certificates of  TRB INTERNATIONAL TS EN ISO 9001 - 2008 and width the European standards they can produce combined plants with themachines that are populer in inner and foreign markets in the production programs and also they can deliver and mount themachines that are needed in already established plants. They  have been respected in the sector with their export to 52 countries and quality standard and service, and they have been studying on new target countries.

UYGURLAR MAKINA with production methods developed by themselves, higher engineering capacity, experiecend and specializing staff, and with the help of the qualtiy provided in production and the research and development studies being held, have become the leader in for industrial investments with their wide knowledge and designs.

Since its establishment, the philosophy of the firm has been to develop its own design and production strategies, to protect and develop the quality, reilable and competitive position in the market. Qality and service after selling is always the first.

Our mission

"Creating and Developing Together" To educate individuals in every field and at the international level who are competent and confident, equipped with multidimensional and independent thinking skills and with a sense of social responsibility;

Our vision

The goal is to be an international reference point with creativity in the field of research and education, which enables the creation and dissemination of original knowledge leading to pioneering through an innovative, interdisciplinary educational infrastructure that is responsive to the needs of all stakeholders, respectful of participant diversity and a libertarian culture.