The most distinctive feature of UYGURLAR MACHINERY products and the difference is high Technology... 'Packing machines and automation feeding systems'

Uygurlar machine Leader in the industry...

UYGURLAR MAKINA, placed in Kırşehir Organized Industry Zone, 6000 m2 covered area, produces food and packaging machines, They produce the machines needed in in the sector under quality system control certificates of  TRB INTERNATIONAL TS EN ISO 9001 - 2008 and width the European standards they can produce combined plants with themachines that are populer in inner and foreign markets in the production programs and also they can deliver and mount themachines that are needed in already established plants. They  have been respected in the sector with their export to...


Corporate news

2018-07-12 10:22:00
International Exhibition IBA 2018, the world s leading bakery, pastry and snack Munich in Germany

The international exhibition IBA 2018 world leader in the bakery, confectionery and snack will be...

2018-03-17 08:44:25
Professional Exhibition of Agrifood Production DJAZAGRO 2018 ALGIERS

Our company being one of the leaders of the packaging machines market, it will participate at the...

2018-03-05 13:54:09
International Exhibition of Bakery Machines, Bakeries and Chocolate İBATECH 2018

Dear friends, partners, customers and guests, we are waiting for you at the "International E...